Pokemon Adventures Special Chapter


This fangame that we’re going to cover is a game that is inspired by a ROM hack. The hack we’re talking about is the Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter. The fanmade Pokemon game in question is Pokemon Adventures Special Chapter.

Adventure Red Chapter is a take on the manga, so this game Adventures Special Chapter has you on the foot of six characters. The unfortunate thing is that this game cannot be played on mobile for now. That is because it uses PDSK, which doesn’t support mobile devices even while using Joiplay.

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Pokemon Adventures Special Chapter Details and More


There are six characters that you can play, so that means that there are six storylines for you to embark on. That’s a lot but rest assured that it isn’t anything confusing or will give you pressure.

It is the typical Pokemon adventure game where you can catch Pokemon, battle Trainers, and the usual stuff. The characters you play are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Mystery.


The graphics and sprites are similar to the DS games. It also has custom art and character portraits for some characters but not all of them. There are three unique forms of Pokemon in the game, which are Shadow and Crystal, along with the Shiny variations.

Space World Demo Pokemon are also available along with the ability to speed up the game like those turbo features on emulators. You can even unlock multiple costumes for all of the characters.

Pokemon Adventures Special Chapter Information


Pokemon Adventures Special Chapter
Creator: Gamblin Fever
Game Base: RPG Maker XP
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Costumes and customization for all characters
  • Turbo/Speed button
  • Day and Night cycle
  • Mega Evolution
  • Dynamax
  • Space World Demo Pokemon available
  • Side quests and more
  • Pokemon follows you
  • Shadow and Crystal Pokemon versions


Pokemon adventures special chapter screenshots

Download Pokemon Adventures Special Chapter

  • Nintendo
  • GameFreak
  • PSDK
  • Cactus Tiles – Hek and Kymotonian
  • WesleyFG – Celadon City Tiles
  • KingOfThe-X-Roads, TheAetherPlayer (shiny), and leParagon (backs) – Gen 8 Sprites
  • SailorVicious – Slateport City Tiles
  • Eurons – Battle Background
  • Aethestode- Story/Writing/Sprites/Mapping/Custom Animations/Beta-Fakemons/Sound Design/Art

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Gate keeping in the community. Have to join their discord to get latest versions, and it isn’t even a rom hack. Not sure how to play it. Downloaded the available link, and ran the exe it instructed in the game folder. All I got was a black screen with some J-pop playing on repeat. What junk.

This is a pass for me.