Pokemon Kalos Crystal


Crystal is one of the most loved games in the series. This hack Pokemon Kalos Crystal is a hack of Crystal where it utilizes Gen 6 Pokemon. You start with the three Gen 6 or Kalos Starters, and you encounter Gen 6 Pokemon. The point of the hack is that it retells Crystal’s story using Gen 6.

Don’t worry because the hack is exciting and if you care, this is the sequel to Unova Red, another ROM hack by the creator. That game utilizes Gen 5 for the Pokemon Red hack, so in a way these games are like Gen 1 and 2 retold. Use a GBC or GBA emulator to play this game, and it is complete.

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Pokemon Kalos Crystal Details and More


The story is the same as Pokemon Crystal’s. You’ll just be using Kalos Pokemon at the start of the game. Everything is the same, so if you know what to do to progress the story, then that’s good. There might be minor changes to the dialogue, but the plot and progression are unchanged.


Just as we already mentioned, you start using the Kalos or Gen 6 Pokemon. Later on, Gen 5 Pokemon will also be available, and you can catch all of them. Fairy-type has also been added as well as something close to a Physical and Special split but not really that. The moves, types, and stats have been updated. Leveling up to evolve Pokemon that require Trading is also doable.

Game Information

Pokemon kalos crystal

Pokemon Kalos Crystal
Creator: Azure_Keys
Game Base: Crystal
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Gen 6 and 5 Pokemon are available
  • Can catch all Pokemon available in the game
  • Fairy and Ghost are Special attacks
  • Dark is Physical
  • New Locations are also added
  • Certain events have been added
  • Trade Pokemon can evolve without trading
  • Some TMs have been changed



Download Pokemon Kalos Crystal


This ROM hack was made possible by the PokeCrystal Disassembly. Credits to Rangi, as well as Mateo, Crystal, and Danny-E33 whose advice and code snippets aided in the coding of this hack.
Huge credits to the artists whose in-battle sprite work was used in this hack: COMBOY for the Gen 5 sprites, and JaceDeane for the Gen 6 collection, with individual sprite credits to Chamber, Solo993, Gen VI 64×64, N-Kin, Zorgoth120, WAH!, PiaCarrot, XY Sprite Proj., Incufan120, Fexiled, Hooded_Bird, Kyledove, Zerudez, Monnotonnous Pixels, Vale98PM, Dragonball253, Axel-Comics, Noscium, Faintster, Mylittlekeldeo, Tor2005, Lakeofdance, Neslug, Jozzer26, Pokemon Grape, Fenne-King, Falgaia, Lepragon. Other custom sprites, such as overworld sprites, were made by Azure_Keys

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