Pokemon Victory Fire (Updated)


Become the greatest trainer and save Tyron Region from the bad guys. Your journey starts in your sleep, a Pokemon appears in your dream and chooses you as its trainer. You were quite puzzled and as you wake you will then be able to get your first Pokemon.

As your adventures go along, you will meet Team Mirage, an active evil organization in the region but still, no one knows their true intention. Your job is to spread their wrongdoings and warn the people, go battle with Team Mirage, and beat them to save Tyron region. Victory is yours!

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Quick Overview
Pokemon Victory Fire is an Emerald-based game released in July 2012, that’s quite a long time ago. The good thing is that the creator didn’t stop improving the game and he keeps updating Victory Fire until the recent days.

As with other Pokemon GBA rom hacks, Pokemon Victory Fire has a new uniquely designed region with elegant-looking gyms and structures. Another cool feature of the game is the day and night paired with the weather system.

In the game, you’ll find some Pokemon from the 4th and 5th generations. There’s nothing more I can say about Pokemon Victory Fire as it already has the features that you need in order to enjoy a game, download it right away, patch the game to your Emerald rom and play it in your Game Boy Advance emulator.

Update: The updated version includes grammar fixes.

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Game Information

Pokemon victory fire cover

Pokemon Victory Fire
Release date: July 23rd, 2012
Creator: 1158
Game base: Pokemon Emerald
Source: Link
Cheats: Click here


  • New region,new gyms and structures
  • New TYRON-styled Trick House
  • Underground Black Market in Marble City
  • Some 4th gen and 5th gen Pokemon
  • Some new tiles
  • Day and Night
  • Weather system
  • and more…


Pokemon victory fire scenes


We don’t share pre-patched rom hacks and roms – sharing these files is considered piracy, and it’s illegal!

Before you can play this game, you need to patch the downloaded file to a clean base rom. To learn more on how to patch, check this guide.

Pokemon Victory Fire Download

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How to get mega evolution

is the physical/special split in this romhack?

How do I find a guide on this game

I can’t play it in my Jhon gba emulator

may i ask that where could i find exp share

Free fire diamond hack

Nah, just ignore him. It is a st***d victory royale game, and he needs in game currency.

Why are you everywhere?

I’ll be capturing Pokemon that are from the first gens.


i just have a quick question to ask

will regular pokemon emerald GBA cheat codes work on this hack also


the Wild Pokemon Level Modifier Cheat code keeps crashing on the victory fire Pokemon romhack alot, so what could be wrong then


I tried patching this romhack with no such luck as well

so can someone reupload this file with a working victory fire romhack file please


Tried patching with two different Emerald ROM’s, no luck. What’s the name of the Emerald Rom i need to patch this? i’m using NUPS, and it gives me an error every time i try to patch. Attempting to patch the latest version, but no matter what Emerald Rom i use, it doesn’t work. Help!

Cant play it on my GBA emulator (John GBA Lite)
– tablet user (Samsung A5)

You use My boy! Works here

Does this have mega evolution,alolan form,primal ????

it does have mega evo

I this safe to download?

i can t patch my gba file with the ups file. I tried rom patcher..

mine wont work either, same issue. Why do you say use a firered rom when it says this hack is for emerald? ps, ive tried patching it on both CLEAN firered and emerald roms..

I am a cheater