Pokemon Mega Power (Updated)


Want to experience a Mega evolution on Pokemon Emerald? You will surely love this game. Pokemon Mega Power is a Pokemon ROM hack based on the Pokemon Emerald game. With Pokemon Mega Power, you will taste the wrath of Mega Evolution Pokemon.

Of all the GBA games with Mega evolution, this one is the best and most recommended to play. Everything has changed in the game, namely; the battle scene, features, music, game design, and almost everything.

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There’s more, prepare to meet the strongest and best legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo. You gotta love Pokemon Mega Power and that’s for sure. Download Pokemon Mega Power now and experience a different and innovative Emerald gaming.

Update: A newer version of Pokemon Mega Power is now available for download, and includes plenty of fixes and some improvements to the game.

Game Information

Pokemon mega power

Pokémon Mega Power
Author: 1158
Base: Pokemon Emerald
Updated: August 9, 2021
Status: Complete
Cheats: Click here
Walkthrough: Click here
Source: Link


  • New region, new gyms
  • All mega evolutions
  • Some 4th gen, 5th gen, and 6th gen Pokemon
  • Some new tiles
  • A lot more..
Pokemon emerald mega power rom hack




We don’t share pre-patched rom hacks and roms – sharing these files is considered piracy, and it’s illegal!

Before you can play this game, you need to patch the downloaded file to a clean base rom. To learn more on how to patch, check this guide.

Pokemon Mega Power Download

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Is there exp share to all pokemon?

This game sucks and is so poorly made. I must’ve fought at least 25 trainers before any storyline dialog with any npc. You are forced to walk through so much grass and cave and with limited money, you can only afford so much potions and repels so you have to constantly run back and forth to and from the Pokémon center. This is all while trying to get to your first objective. Also for some reason they think it’s a good idea to throw a bunch of ghost type Pokémon at you so if you are out of PP and… Read more »

Last edited 6 months ago by Will

Whenever I press start in the battle, to mega evolve, (similar to theta emerald) the game freezes. I do have the mega stone, just got it from fixing the lab.

I think there is a bug in your game because wen I went to the lande region it was fine from the start but when I used fly and pressed the lande region in the map my character landed on a foggy location and I don’t know how to get out of it.Thank you

Its not there game they are just sharing the creators ROM hack on their website

by the way i made a comment asking about a fog screen problem i just want to point out its version 5.59.

So not sure if it’s a bug or not but when I use either dive or fly mainly fly going to the land region. The red box. Everything becomes a massive fog that doesn’t let me see anything. I’m 100% blind on all dive areas and the map when flying to the red box on the land region. If it’s a bug how do I fix it and if I need an item can someone tell me what item it is and where to get it. Bugging the hell out of me, and it makes it very hard to fly… Read more »

I only used to play flora sky and lesf green,the basic version ikk but i want. to play this then i see comments about patching patching,,anybody that can explain that to me?idk what does it mean.Can i play this without the whole patching thing?

Having trouble at patching it, any tips?

Do u have any randomizers

What emulator can I play beside MyBoy? I’m using an Android phone.

What kind of emulator can I use to play this rom hack?

Thanks. Much appreciated.

I still can’t play it in MyBoy , it says that “Unrecognized GBA file”. What should I do? I appreciate it if you can help me

I noticed an odd bug I don’t know if it is known but I’m about to beat the Ivara league so after getting my last badge I decided to fly to the league but I didn’t notice there were 2 points avaible at Ivarra: the pokemon center and the league itself so I ended at the league right away where I made a save state. At first I tought it was planned to be possible since it’s a hack but when I try to speak to Amalia the screen freezes and the music keeps going I can challenge the league… Read more »

Now some pokemons shiny spawn in the victory road and all are bad eggs (cheat still disabled)

I did multiple times and the bug persisted until it stopped after many resets XD. So indeed restarting helped me thank you !

Hi, I’m trying to get an emerald based Rom hack but I can’t find any. Could you send me a link? I’ve already downloaded Multipatch and the Mega Power UPS file.

Hi great hack thank you!

that said the pokemon cries are bugged (Togepi’s cries on Hoopa and so on) will there be a fix for this ?

ayo how do i patch this to my emerald rom, im kinda new to this whole emulator rom stuff so if i could get a simple explanation that would be appreciated.

I have both a FireRed and Emerald ROM but it still does not work. I am Using MyBoy! Advanced

Thanks it working but can I know all mega evolution list for this Pokemon mega Power.

Can I evolve pokemon by level up that normally evolve by trading?


can you guys send me the pre patch version of this romhack please

because i can’t patch this romhack at all


What do i do when the game doesn’t work i tried many times but it doesn’t work!!.

Just put them Patched, why would you not? Makes no sense at all. Glad that i actually found a PATCHED version.

Teach me how plz

How do you get it to work on the android my boy emulator I tried to patch it and even that didn’t work

Does this have P/Sp Atk Split?




Can anyone say how to find Hoopa in mega power beta 5.59

Yo how tf can i play this game

you have to patch this game file to your pokemon emerald to get it to work, its essentially like an add on or a mod in a game.

Nice game, top of my list so far. But I hope the author fix the Pokemon Cries. Snover cries like zigzagoon, Abomasnow cries like a Tailow, etc. Hope it gets fixed though.

After defeating the first gym leader (Joel) how do I get to Klaus, I can’t use Cut without proper Gym Badge.

add the patched rom at download… cuz i cant patch the original rom… thanx :3

Which version is compatible???

Which emerald version is compatible???
It says error when I patch it. Please help.

Can you catch the mega Pokemon in this game?(spawn them in with cheats that is)

It doesn’t work for me and i did what the video said to do

Why does it no work in my my boy?

how does one use fire red (U) squirrels version to make it work